Production Supervisor Manufacturing

4.1 Basic Function:
4.1.1 Responsible for coordinating and facilitating activities associated with the manufacturing and shipping of quality Instrument Panels. To lead, manage and motivate the Production Team in the areas of Quality, Safety, Productivity and Continuous Improvement. This position has the authority to perform the basic functions and responsibilities described and supported by the facility's organizational chart.
4.2 Specific Duties:
4.2.1 Coordinates and facilitates material build schedule for Team Members assigned to the area while maintaining safe work practices.
4.2.2 Assures strict compliance with all quality standards by maintaining current and complete knowledge with quality standards consistent with the company's reputation as a "Quality Producer."
4.2.3 Coordinates assigned activities at a level to maintain an orderly flow of product throughout the assembly process.
4.2.4 Communicates effectively and works well with his/her fellow Team Members.
4.2.5 Analyzes production processes to determine where improvements may be made which will contribute to quality and plant profitability.
4.2.6 Responsible for recording changes and/or specific problems occurring in the process in a daily logbook. Notifies the Production Superintendent of any deviations from established methods or procedures.
4.2.7 Responsible for providing recognition and positive reinforcement for all Team Members, in a manner to further develop each member of the team.
4.2.8 Investigate and resolve problems among Team Member assigned to the area (interpersonal, conflict, performance, etc.).
4.2.9 Ensures that Team Member's safety is maintained through safe working conditions, safe work habits, and a clean environment. Root cause analysis must be conducted on all recordables and near misses.
4.2.10 The Shift Supervisor is responsible for investigation and problem solving initiatives to reduce internal defects and customer concerns.
4.2.11 Review corrective action and provide feedback.
4.2.12 Communicate with our Customer Liaison daily to ensure customer satisfaction. Establish immediate line feedback to communicate customer concerns. Ensure that immediate corrective action is taken on those concerns.
4.2.13 Participate in poke yoke designs, supplier issue resolution, current product improvement, new product development meetings and returned parts investigations.
4.2.14 Monitor sequence numbers in house and at the customer to ensure optimal efficiencies and Customer Service.
4.2.15 Achieve production and manning targets. Drive continuous improvement of both.
4.2.16 Optimize plan communications through the daily communication sheet, the Shift to Shift Communication Log, the SQDCA Report, Pre-Shift and Mid-Shift Meetings and effective use of the e-mail system.
4.2.17 Manage and follow-up on the Standardized Work System. Corrective Actions must be taken on ODS non-compliance.
4.2.18 Oversee the training and development of each team member and maintain appropriate documentation. The Supervisor is responsible for motivating, correcting, coaching, and teaching Team Members to achieve their maximum capacity at JCI Northwood.
4.2.19 Manage attendance and overtime to optimize manning efficiencies.
4.2.20 Performs other duties deemed necessary by the Production Superintendent.

Don't Be Fooled

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